• In-house JIT (Just In Time) inventory management of all long-term contracts
  • Kanban predictive ERP/MPR system triggers min/max levels & ensures customer part production is planned & flowed at predetermined intervals to arrive on time, every time
  • Saves our customers costs of inventory management, storage overhead, labor & carrying costs on unused inventory
  • System analysis accommodates changes in volume & production scheduling & recommends date/workflow changes to meet customer deadlines
  • Long-term contracts are priority booked for raw material acquisition & advance scheduled for machine time
  • System flexibility triggers predictive future needs as demand increases to ensure we are always prepared to grow with our customers’ needs
  • Acclaim’s Manufacturing team led by certified Lean Kaizen facilitator & Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Pronounced “kahn-bahn”, this Japanese word means “card” or “visual sign”

This predictive planning & manufacturing method was originally created by Toyota to streamline processes in their automotive factories. Line workers at Toyota would use visual “cards” or kanban to signal steps in the manufacturing process, making work flow visual & enabling employees across levels of responsibility to understand & react to deadlines, anticipate future concerns & limit inefficiencies like overly frequent task-switching

While much of kanban today is done through digital systems, it is still a best practice in many manufacturing centers to maintain a visual workflow board as part of their Lean Manufacturing program