Acclaim Aerospace & Defense is the result of years of sweat equity, hard work & determination to bring a dream to fruition. 

Rebecca Premo has an extensive Fortune 500 corporate leadership background & later founded her own niche marketing company, which served manufacturer clients in growing their businesses & diversifying their customer base. 

Jason Premo has a 20+ year history in the aerospace & defense CNC manufacturing sector, having previously co-owned Adex Machining Technologies in South Carolina. When Adex was sold in 2014, Jason worked in consulting & helped other manufacturing business owners with M&A, introducing Lean principles & attaining AS9100 certification. 

When Jason & Rebecca married & talked about plans for the future, they set their sights on combining their talents & creating a company that exemplifies their vision, passion for the industry & sky-high standards. 

The result is Acclaim Aerospace & Defense: a modern, efficient & innovative CNC machining center specializing in ultra-tight-tolerance swiss lathe products.

Rebecca & Jason intentionally located Acclaim in a Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone). These rural & urban areas are targeted by the Small Business Administration for incentives to bring industry to places where there are traditionally higher rates of poverty & fewer job opportunities.

It is part of the mission at Acclaim to support & grow the local economic infrastructure & provide opportunities for better-than-average wages in the area for its employees.

They believe that a rising tide raises all ships & that their willingness to invest in the area is an invitation & incentive for others to do the same.

Every purchase order from our customers is a vote for more economic opportunity in the community in which Acclaim operates. 


Acclaim benefits from the symbiosis of a growing aerospace hub in Middle Georgia, with NADCAP coatings & heat treating companies, plus an aviation mechanics school & Delta/FAA pilot training program, all a five minute drive away from our factory.

This allows us to cut down lead & shipping times on special processes, while providing us with a stream of both interns & new graduates to recruit from as Acclaim continues to grow & expand. We are flexible at peak times to run 7 days a week/3 shifts to meet our customers’ needs and deadlines. Read more about our location’s unique area partnerships: